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Shared Commitment to Client and Service
You provide your clientele with only the highest quality personal service. Part of that service is recommending to your clients a Home Management System company that shares your commitment to the same high level of service and personal care. When you choose ESC, you ensure that your clients receive a standard of professionalism, experience, and knowledge unmatched by any home automation alternative.
When you, or your client, speaks with ESC, you won't be passed from person to person in some large, impersonal corporation that sells mass produced products to mass numbers of nameless people. Nor will you be dealing with new or inexperienced employees that barely know the system their company sells. ESC's Senior Partners (who are also the engineers behind their Home Management Systems) handle all dealer and client calls personally. They take the time to know you and your clients by name and to develop good working relationships with all.
ESC also recognizes the importance of your good reputation with clients and places as high a priority on it as you do. Your clients don't live in their homes on an 8-to-5 schedule, and you don't answer their calls on an 8-to-5 schedule. Why should you put your reputation on the line for a company that does? We certainly don't think you should. That's why we provide our dealers with pager and mobile phone numbers to reach us when you need us most.
Rest assured that your clients will receive the highest quality, personalized Home Management System accompanied by a level of service and support you will be proud to represent.

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