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ESC Home Management Most large homes require environmental control (i.e. heating and air conditioning) systems designed for commercial use. These systems control the environment well, but there may be drawbacks such as the lack of thermostats for individual room use. In addition, since these commercial systems are designed for use by plant managers, they can be very technical. You're left with a very user-unfriendly way of setting room temperature.
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An ESC home management system can give you access at any location to all of the settings in all of your rooms. Simply display the area of the house you wish to modify, and select the room. You will see the current settings and be able to easily change them. Rooms can be combined into groups that can be switched from the comfort setting to the energy savings setting with a single touch of the screen. The whole house can be put into vacation mode and every room set for energy savings in ten seconds as you walk out the door.
ESC Home Management

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