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Please read before filling out the dealer application.
When you represent Electronic Solutions Company and our Home Management Systems, you represent the highest level of commitment and service to clients. Few companies have the business culture and ability to do this on a consistent basis, and the number of dealerships awarded by ESC reflects this.
We realize there is a strong tendency to fill out only the absolute minimum that is required to submit a form on the Internet. We do it ourselves. There is a certain satisfaction and thrill to "beating the system".
The form below has no required entries. (Sorry, to take the fun out of it!) However, that does not imply that the requested information is unimportant to the approval process. There are no absolute requirements by which dealerships are awarded, thus there are no wrong answers to the questions asked below. There is no "system" to beat.

To receive an ESC dealership requires only that you are able to extend our level of commitment and service to your clients. Please be sure that your ability to accomplish this is clearly evident when we review your application.

Contact Person:
E-mail Address:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
State / Province:
Zip / Postal Code:
Main Phone:
Web Address (URL):
Business Type (corporation, partnership, etc.):
Dun & Bradstreet #:
Federal Tax ID # (US companies only):
State Tax ID # (US companies only):
Years in business:
Residential/Commercial Split:  %   /     %
Homeowner/Builder Split:  %   /     %
New/Retrofit Split:  %   /     %
Audio/Video brands:
Security system brands:
Lighting system brands:
HVAC control system brands:
Home control system brands:
Other systems, devices or services provided:
Project Experience:
Value of Residence Number of installations Average System Sale Price (US$)
less than US$250,000  
US$250,000 - US$500,000  
US$500,000 - US$1,000,000  
US$1,000,000 - US$3,000,000  
US$3,000,000 - US$10,000,000  
over US$10,000,000  
Do you provide your own installation services?  Yes      No
Define your target market:
What does your target market need in a home management system?
How does an ESC Dealership help you succeed in implementing your business plan?
  Please provide us with any other information you feel may be beneficial to us in considering your application:
Additional Information:

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