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Highly Rewarding Dealer Programs
Let's face it — selling, installing, and servicing any home automation or management system takes a person with unique skills. You know it, and we know it. We have dealer programs that let you gain the most from those skills.
One popular program is our private-label Home Management System. Over the years, you probably have picked your favorite distributed A/V system, your favorite lighting control system, security, HVAC, etc., etc., etc. Rather than stuffing those into a box defined by someone else, why not let ESC provide an open-ended solution incorporating your favorites while still allowing your client's dreams to soar. We'll take your subsystem specifications and design an HMS that has a feature your competition can never match — your name on it!
With or without a private-labeled system, we have programs available that provide you with demo software and hardware. Show your clients the magic rather than just talk about it with an economical demo system in your showroom. We can also provide a portable system that can be used for trade shows or seminars. Think about the possibilities and potential when your local builders, architects, and interior designers finally "get it" and you and your company showed it to them.
And finally, our incentive programs can lead to you making money on every ESC Home Management System sold in your area even if you aren't the selling dealer. Be the first to reach Platinum dealer status in your area, and you can earn up to 5% on every system sold in your area even if it's sold by the guy who used to be your competition. (We say used to be your competition because now he's probably going to be your good friend!)

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