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Where to Start?
Two questions usually determine which HMS offering best fits your home:
  1. Is your home being designed by an architect?
  2. Are your home's subsystems being designed or engineered by trade-specific firms, e.g. mechanical design firm, custom home theater designer, or security specialist?
If you answer "no" to both questions and can be completely flexible in your subsystem choices, your home can probably fit into an economical, pre-packaged S.02 system. With their compact design, the S.02 systems provide the easiest and quickest installation.
If you answer "yes" only to the architect question and can be somewhat flexible in your subsystem choices, your home can probably use the S.03 or S.04 reference design. These systems go beyond the S.02 systems by providing additional choices for supported subsystems and control options, and offer additional "electronic architectural" services. These additional services insure that your needs are met as well as the successful integration of all subsystems to your satisfaction.
If you answer "yes" to both questions or have specific subsystem requirements, your home probably requires a custom HMS design. Your HMS may require custom designed features to maximize the benefits of your engineered subsystems or to support subsystems that ESC has not yet certified for reliable home management use.
If you're looking at the S.02 systems, the primary difference between the S.02.1 and S.02.2 systems is your choice of controlling either an environmental or distributed audio subsystem. The S.02.1 controls environmental, security and lighting; the S.02.2 controls distributed audio, security and lighting. The S.02.3 and S.02.4 control both environmental and distributed audio as well as security and lighting, and finally, the S.02.4 adds control of a home theater to the HMS.
The S.01 system is strictly used to coordinate multiple Trane Integrated Zone systems, providing both local and remote management of environmental control via a telephone interface. This system does not provide management of any other subsystem.

ServicesReference DesignsCustom
System consultation     
Technology consultation       
Design and consultation       
Technology project management     
Custom subsystem integration       
On-site system commissioning    
Feature customization     LimitedLimitedFull
User ControlsReference DesignsCustom
# of hardwired touchscreens supported 111237Unlimited
# of hardwired touchscreens included 1 (12")1 (12")1 (12")1 (12")Homeowner
Wireless touchscreen support       
Wireless handheld remote support       
Lighting keypads 
Spoken response feedback      
Touchscreen Graphics
(click here for explanation)
Reference DesignsCustom
Custom floorplans 
Dormant status flags   
Custom graphics       
Custom dormant screen       
(click here for explanation)
Reference DesignsCustom
Support for ITI/Regency 4724 
Support for Apex Destiny 6100 
Support for user-specified security panel       
# of supported zones 1624323260120Unlimited
# of supported partitions (areas) 111148Unlimited
Individual control of partitions (areas)     
Auxiliary keypad control features   
Graphical floorplan display 
Burglar and fire zone support 
Auxiliary zone support (CO, temp, etc)   
Security event logging 
# of on-screen security cameras      4Unlimited
Verbal security status announcements      
Entrance monitoring      
(click here for explanation)
Reference DesignsCustom
Support for Lutron GRAFIK Eye 
Support for Lutron HomeWorks     
Support for LiteTouch     
Support for user-specified subsystem       
Control via living moods or security alarm 
Control via random and vacation modes     
Control via theater moods     
Random lighting     
# of supported auto-lights      8Unlimited
(click here for explanation)
Reference DesignsCustom
Support for RCS  
Support for Carrier CZ, VVT, TEMP     
Support for Trane Comfort Link    
Support for Trane Tracker Stat      
Support for Siebe Network 8000      
Support for Alerton Protalk Devices      
Support for user-specified subsystem       
Graphical floorplan display  
Verbal environmental status reports      
# of supported zones164 681216Unlimited
Whole-house mode commands 
Zone mode commands 
Mode change via lighting keypads  
Temperature adjust via lighting keypads      
Zone status request via lighting keypads      
User schedulable mode changes  
Distributed Audio
(click here for explanation)
Reference DesignsCustom
Support for Audio Access MRX/PX  
Support for Sony CIS-200 Control    
Support for ADA System Omega      
Support for Intellix AVM Matrix      
Support for user-specified subsystem       
# of supported zones  6661224Unlimited
# of supported source components  34666Unlimited
Source component synchronization      
Graphical floorplan display  
Dynamic user-schedulable audio scenes  
(click here for explanation)
Reference DesignsCustom
Graphical user display     
# of supported display devices    1 3Unlimited
# of supported source components    3 5Unlimited
Source component synchronization     
Control of curtains, projector lifts, etc.     
Theater mood lighting     
Standard theater moods     
# of user-defined theater moods    4 21Unlimited
Living MoodsReference DesignsCustom
# of user-defined moods 4466812Unlimited
User-schedulable moods 
Convenience FeaturesReference DesignsCustom
# of devices via lighting subsystem 44661224Unlimited
# of devices via direct hardwired    8816Unlimited
User-schedulable activation 
System-Wide FeaturesReference DesignsCustom
Vacation mode
Set date and time 
Astronomical clock 
Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjust 
System passcodes
Uninterruptible Power Supply     
Communications surge suppression     
Communications optical isolation     
Professionally recorded spoken responses      


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