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Project Management
Designing and installing custom Home Management Systems can be a challenge, but if each project is broken into small easy-to-handle pieces it becomes more manageable. If these pieces can be assigned to people with the best skills to tackle them, a Home Management System can actually be easier to design and install than a dedicated home theater.
The first project division is people and technology. Your biggest strength as a dealer of custom-installed electronics is your people skills. High-end clients buy from people who they trust and respect and with whom they enjoy a good relationship. Because ESC handles the technical details of every system installation, you have more time for strengthening your existing client relationships and building new ones.
The team project management approach then expands to involve the architect, the interior designer, and the subsystem contractors as well. Each of these people has their own unique skills, knowledge, and ideas. By involving each in the design and installation of the Home Management System, they gain a level of ownership in the System and become project allies. Now rather than viewing the HMS as another potential bump in their schedule, they do their best to smooth the bumps, fill the potholes, and pave the schedule!
Speaking of schedules: you won't have to take time out of yours or your installer's for product training. As we walk you through the installation and commissioning of your first ESC Home Management System, you'll learn everything you need to know to maintain and troubleshoot the system. Wiring is straightforward, most equipment is rack-mounted (willing to bet you know how to rack equipment, don't you?), and the skills needed to assist us in troubleshooting really amount to touching, seeing, and listening. The use of a continuity tester and a standard RS-232 breakout box can be helpful, but not required.
This is the way all successful business partnerships and projects work. You take care of what you do best and we take care of what we do best.

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