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Although every Home Management System (HMS) is tailored to the homeowner's lifestyle, this does not mean that the technology is re-invented every time. Most HMS features simply involve configuring the core software. This core software has been continuously refined over the last fifteen years and has an extremely high degree of reliability.
So what happens when you want a feature or subsystem that falls outside what is currently available with the core software? ESC's forty-five years of software development experience goes to work customizing your system, working within the core software's tried and true functionality to provide the enhancements you desire.
All new software is first thoroughly tested by the software team. It is then delivered to the hardware team for a second completely independent quality assurance review. Finally, all software is put through a rigorous 24-hours-a-day five-day stress test. All of this testing is performed before we arrive at your home for the final system commissioning where everything is tested and retested again in the actual environment in which it must work.
A trade magazine once asked us "What is the most essential ingredient to a great design and installation?" Our answer: "Reliability. If the system does not work reliably, nothing else matters." This is one of those simple truths that until someone actually says it, it goes unrecognized. We recognized the truth of it many years ago, and we still recognize it today.
None of the software running your Home Management System will be "beta software."
All of the software running your Home Management System will be fully tested, fully qualified, and fully stressed to earn its place in your HMS.
It has to be. Our reputation, our business, and our future depend upon it!

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