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For Your Lighting

ESC Home Management Lighting is an excellent way to enhance your home's appearance and ambiance. As the size of your home grows so does the number of lights that are installed, and with more lights come more switches. Suddenly you find yourself with half a dozen or more switches and rotary dimmers sharing a wall with custom wood paneling.
Fortunately there is a better way. Individual switches and dimmers can be replaced with stylish keypads that provide substantially more functionality. Keypads come in elegant, compact packages that are the size of a single regular switch and can be blended with your decor. Rather than buttons controlling individual lights, your keypad enables you to control and set the mood of each room: romance, party, casual entertaining, reading, TV viewing.
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Make the most out of your investment in a lighting control system. Connect the lighting system to an ESC home management system, and light switches anywhere in the house can control the entire house. Select music and set the volume, let someone in the front gate, raise the temperature.
And of course it works in the other direction as well. Selecting living moods through the HMS will set the appropriate lighting for the whole house. Just imagine preparing the whole house for a dinner party with a single touch of the screen! Lights, door locks, room temperatures, and music in less than 10 seconds!
If you're currently making a lighting control system decision, click here for a comparison of the LiteTouch 5000LC and Lutron Homeworks Interactive systems.
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