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For Your Listening Pleasure

ESC Home Management If you enjoy music, you probably want background music throughout your home. Rather than putting a stereo system in every room and duplicating each piece of equipment and every CD many times over, it makes sense to use a distributed audio system that uses the same equipment to play music in many rooms.
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Using a home management system from ESC, you can set any number of audio "moods" to play music in the main living areas, outdoor deck, pool, jacuzzi, and game rooms by the simple press of a button. Each one of these moods will play the audio sources you want in the rooms you want, in any combination and at any predetermined volume. You can have multiple party moods: evening party, BBQ, pool party, casual entertainment, or any other function you may host on a regular basis. You can also have moods for your everyday pleasure: morning, daytime, normal evening, romantic evening or whatever lifestyle mood you desire. ESC Home Management

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