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On occasion, we are asked if we have a printed catalog. The short answer is — no we don't. Catalogs provide finite choices of products manufactured for the mass-market. Electronic Solutions Company's custom design and build service offers infinite possibilities, and it just plain costs way too much and kills too many trees to catalog infinity! Besides, do you want to select from a box of somebody else's toys or pick and choose from a universe of your own design?
While you select perfection from thousands of designs, finishes, and appliances for your home, your perfect Home Management System has already been defined. You just don't know it! It's your lifestyle. You know that — you're living it!
You have a choice: limit or change your lifestyle to fit products in someone's catalog or let Electronic Solutions Company translate your lifestyle into a Home Management System that adapts to and enhances your lifestyle.

If you are looking for ideas for your own system, go to the system feature overviews starting with the "What is Home Management?" page or review specific system features in our Reference Designs.

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