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The most powerful and common method of controlling your home with a Home Management System is one or more touchscreens located in key locations. Basically, a touchscreen is a computer monitor that you use your finger instead of a mouse to control the computer.
Touchscreens provide full status and control of all features in your home through simple easy-to-use graphics. The graphics for your HMS include floorplans for environmental, security, and distributed audio features. These screens show you the status of the entire home quickly and easily.
Additional features are controlled through large easy to read graphical buttons that you touch to control miscellaneous features and whole house moods.
Another great way to control your home with an HMS is through a lighting control system. Where it makes sense, you can add buttons to the lighting keypads that can control much more than just lights. This eliminates the need for separate audio or environmental controls cluttering up your walls. Lighting keypad buttons can raise and lower the temperature or music volume just as well as they can raise and lower the lights. They can also unlock doors without keys, open the gate to let someone in, or select any whole house mood.
A third control method is a voice menu accessible from any phone any where in the world (passcode protected, of course). The phone menu provides whatever house control and status you wish. The voice prompts are professionally recorded by professional voice talent. You have a choice of male or female voices, and if you wish, we can provide a demo tape of a number of different voices from which you can choose.
The closest you'll come to home automation with an ESC Home Management System is initiating actions from a contact switch. There are a few instances where this works well. A favorite of many homeowners is low-level path lighting at night time that can be turned on if you get of bed or step on a stair tread. Custom configuration allows you to specify exactly when these switches are active, and touchscreen controls allow you to disable and enable this feature when needed.

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