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Just as your body depends upon your brain and its miles of connected nerves for smooth operation, your home's smooth operation depends upon a properly designed HMS. And just as your brain and all those nerves were not an afterthought designed and installed after the skin was on, neither should your home's HMS. Although not necessary, the ideal time to begin the design process for your HMS is when your architect begins designing your home. Decisions made about the architectural and mechanical features of your home can then be coordinated with decisions made about your HMS. This prevents the need to compromise on your HMS features because the home's design is too set to accomodate them.
The design process for your Home Management System is, in fact, similar to the design process you'll encounter with your architect. Your architect will probably first meet with you to discuss your expectations for your new home. You'll probably talk broadly about the many different features you would like in your new home, and your architect will provide some initial direction and feedback as to what is and is not possible. Also during this initial meeting, you'll both be deciding if there is a the level of rapport necessary to ensure a successful project.
The initial discussion lays the foundation for the design of your new home. As your home design progresses, there may be times when the architect contacts you to resolve design issues that were not apparent at first and to finalize all the details. Through this design process you and your architect refine your expectations into your dream home.
This is a design process — you are creating something no one else has. The important thing to remember is even though yours is a home less ordinary, and unique from all others, neither you nor your architect started from scratch. You had ideas about what you wanted in a home; your architect had the skill and experience to mold those ideas into your home.
Designing and building your Home Management System follows the same path as your home design. First, we meet with you to discuss your expectations of an HMS. Unless you lived in a home with an HMS before, most of the initial discussion will be to help you understand the potential of your HMS. You'll have the opportunity to judge our expertise and skill in molding your expectations into an HMS beyond those expectations, and as the project moves forward, you'll provide valuable input as needed. Fortunately, your HMS design requires far fewer decisions than your home design.
If you want to know more about our Home Management System design methods, click here.

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