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We are located near Philadelphia, PA. However, ESC is a worldwide service provider with current installations in the US, Canada, and Europe. While we will travel anywhere on the planet for our clients, we try to minimize that travel as much as possible.
Our first trip to your location will be an initial consultation. During this trip we meet with you, your dealer, architect, builder, and as many potential or already hired subsystem contractors as possible. This trip usually lasts two to three days and provides an intense period of getting familiar with your project and the personnel involved.
Our second and, most likely, final trip to your location will be the final system commissioning. During the 4 to 10 days on-site, we perform the final system configuration, testing, and retesting. Also during this time we train local electronic support personnel (subsystem providers such as: audio video contractors, electricians, etc.) to be our eyes, ears, and hands on-site in the unlikely event that a service issue arises after we leave.
All of our Home Management Systems (HMS) include remote dial-in and diagnostic capabilities. As we remotely diagnose a problem, the local support personnel provide us with feedback on how the system is operating and make any changes we direct to find and resolve the issue.
This arrangement has worked so well for us and our clients that we have not returned to any installation except for major upgrades.

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