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Depending upon the complexity of your home, it can take between three and eighteen months from our initial consultation with you until the design of your HMS is finalized. Once the design is finalized, the HMS hardware is ordered, integrated, tested, burned-in, and tested again in the following four to eight weeks. During this time any custom features that required new software development are released to the hardware team for quality assurance (QA) testing as well.
Also once the design is finalized, we contact subsystem installers with information crucial to a successful project. Your HMS often takes advantage of features that installers don't deal with in their typical subsystem installations. Because of our experience with these additional features, we provide the installers with any information about subsystem configuration issues they need know to ensure seamless integration between the subsystems and your HMS.
At some point before the walls are closed, typically while the electricians are installing the high-voltage wiring, the low-voltage wiring and cabling for your HMS is installed. This can be done by a qualified electrician or someone else qualified to install low-voltage wiring, or we can send our wiring team to do it. It is important that all wiring be clearly labeled at both ends and be tested and certified after its installation. It should then be re-tested and re-certified after the walls are closed but before the wall coverings are applied. This allows any damage caused by a stray nail or screw to be repaired before the expensive and hard-to-repair wall coverings are finished.
After the hardware and software pass the initial QA testing, most of the hardware is shipped to your home for installation. This is coordinated with your home's build schedule to occur after all the drywall and plaster work is finished to prevent damage to the electronics from the dust. We do not ship any touchscreens for your HMS until just before we arrive to avoid any scratches or broken glass from the occasional errant ladder, hammer, or any other hazard known to Murphy to seek out the most expensive, easiest-to-break object on the construction site.
Once the hardware has been installed, your HMS is connected to your home's subsystems and basic communications between all systems are confirmed. We then schedule our arrival at your home for the final commissioning of your HMS two to four weeks later.
Commissioning your HMS typically takes between three and ten days depending upon your home's complexity. During this time we test and retest all of the features of your HMS, fine-tuning its configuration and performance.
While all of this may sound complicated — it isn't. It's simply a matter of being thorough. We view the installation of your home and HMS as a satellite launch. You best have it right before liftoff! Likewise, before we take off from your home, we are going to make sure everything works correctly.

In fact we believe in this so strongly, it's standard language in our contracts — we do not leave until your HMS is finished!

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